Assalamualaikum. Hai.

Sebenarnya aku dah hampir siap taip entri ni malam tadi. Tapi...... Aku tak save. Damn apps doesn't autosave.

Okeylah. Tak mau buang masa. Lets get started!

I'll skip brand introduction as i believe most of you know about this brand.

Tipulah pencinta makeup tak tahu brand laneige.

Laneige is considered a high end brand. So the price you'll pay for a product is steep. But who cares?

I bought this cushion first time at hermo. They gave quite generous amount of discount for this cushion for raya sales that time so how can i refuse?? Plus, i want to look beautiful like Song Hye Gyo!!

The casing is a light blue. This one's shade is number 13. The lightest one of this packaging. Yes they have new packaging with more shades divided in two skin tones type.
Old packaging

New packaging and shades. 

I was first reluctant to put in on my skin. I am fair, but not that fair to use the fairest shade but.. The other shades are sold out at that time...

Me in shade 13.

Me in shade 21. Gojes tak warna lipstik hakak? It's laneige serum intense lipstick in shade YR24 twinkle coral. 

As i predicted, the shade was a shade lighter than my actual skin tone. But it doesn't really show actually. Maybe because i'm wearing hijab. And the coverage was light. So it wasn't obvious.

What i love the most about this cushion was the cooling effects it has when i pat its puff on my skin. It gave me a natural finish like i am wearing nothing on my face. It also have a scent i could not define what it is, but it'll be gone not long after applied. It's a good smell tho.

As i mentioned above, the coverage is light. But buildable to medium(most user reviewed it that way) as for me, i'll suggest if you really want to build the coverage, just pat two layers only. Or it will cakey@cracked if too much layers applied. It covers redness quite well in one layer but it did not cover scars well even i pat a second layer.

The finishing was semi matte. I think it was rare for a cushion to have this type of finishing. As far as i know, most cushions has a dewy finish and i am not a fan of it. It also has good oil control. I did wear it for a whole day but my face still look quite good. It is also waterproof but can easily remove with cleanser. But to be safe, i always use a proper cleansing water.

I did notice my skin condition was improve after using this cushion for this time being.
Overall, this cushion is a catch for me. I do have other foundation, but this is so far my favourite. It's great for everyday look. It's good to my skin. What more i can say??

Casing : neat and nice
Finishing : semi matte
Coverage : light
Oil control : good
Travel friendly : yes
Waterproof : yes
Refill : yes
Availability : online and offline
Recommend to others : yes