Assalamualaikum. Hai.

It's a beauty haul..again..hahaha...

Don't judge. It's my way to reward myself after working like a slave. Plus, i love beauty products..

I've got pretty bored with korean beauty products. So i decide to buy japanese cosmetics this time. The brand that catch my eyes is CANMAKE TOKYO.

No. I did not buy from hermo this time. I buy from a personal shopper who lives in tokyo. So my babies are straight from nihon!

The items are:

  1. Lip and cheek gel. Code 04.
  2. Lash care essence.
  3. Nose shading powder. Code N02
  4. Gokunobi mascara.
The packaging is very cute and girly i want to squel 'kawaii!!!!' when i open my parcel. Yes, i am still a sucker for a cute packaging. *still got a teenage spirit inside* ^ω^

I'll write a review later *do not expect it sooner ya..* but i already fall in love with lip and cheek gel. ^ω^ guys also can buy this brand offline at guardian or sasa. But the price different is quite..sekali ganda mahal than buying straight from japan. But if you buy from hermo, the product range was not much. So if you really want the latest one, i strongly suggest buy from this personal shopper. Kos pos pun tak semahal beli dari althea *nak free pos kat althea kena beli RM150 ke atas.*. And you will receive your parcel within a week. Tak la lama sangat. Pejam celik je...

Rasa2 nak beli apa2 dari jepun..tak kira la coklat, teh hijau, kosmetik or anything...just contact her. She is trusted seller. And she'll assist you the best she can.

So..till then. Tata!

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Zurainny Ismail said...

Baru start guna korean skincare & blm try Japanese skincare lagi. Yg ni nmpk menarik. :D