Assalamualaikum. Hai.

Recently, i shop at Hermo (again). I was expecting it would be receive by today, but i got it earlier. Yay! That's why i love you Hermo!

This was what i bought.

  1. Roller moist cream ampoule plus(MC01-light beige) free two tube mask
  2. Pearl loose powder(01-light beige)
  3. Lip tinted stick(tangy tangerine 01) free tinted lip color-mandarin 01
  4. Long lasting waterproof eyeliner for beginner
The star buy was of course roller moist cream and lip tinted stick! Guess why?

Yup! Free item of course! Discounted price that comes with a gift, who could resist? Hohoho..

I'll do a review for each product..just do not expect it'll be sooner okey. Quite busy since got kerja hakiki...😅😅😅

Maaf lah. Hakak tulis english. Too much reading of wattpad's story. Seb baik hakak tak jadi kucing jadian terus. Hahahaha..tak lah. Hakak tengah cuba improve english writing. So..expect a grammar error di mana-mana.

Till then, tatatititutu!

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